There is nothing wrong with adding water as you are doing now. Make sure That the labour and material are not wasted, wash the wall before plastering

Gypsum is very light in weight in contrast to sand cement plaster, and thus offers more strength when used in plastering. Gypsum is fire resistant, non combustible since it has a lot of water in it, and a safe material to coat the inside walls of your home.

The most popular types of plaster that are used for building construction are cement and gypsum plaster. It can be used for external and internal plastering of the building; they form a protective layer that covers stone and brick masonry along with the RCC walls and ceilings.

As Whytal Gypsum 99% natural so its very safe for humas. Also our workers applying with their hands so we are that much confident regarding the safety.

Probably it’s due to the lack of quality and expertise of the gypsum installers. But in Whytal Tech we are converting satin spar and salinite which are raw gypsum grades containing high-quality natural fiber to plaster grade. As fiber is the base material, It is less likely to have crack. If plastering Is not done On properly cured blocks, the water in the plaster will absorbs the blocks very quickly. This causes the plastering water and powder mixing ratio to change, ending the hygroscopic expansion process and making the gypsum plaster looks hollow inside and shows depressions. in these cases there is no need to get panic, it can be easily solved. If cement-plaster is used, the block will absorb water, the cement, water and, ratio will vary, and the compressive strength will be very low. When water is added to the cement, the hygroscopic expansion process does not take place and there is no pit inside. There will only a decrease in strength

In Whytal Gypsum, Artificial fiber powder (dissolved in water) is used which prevent cracks and crevices. Because of that whytal can withstand any weather. The raw material used contains fiber and the elasticity is always maintained due to the presence of crystalline water.

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