Our Mission

To serve the construction industry in the world by providing eco-friendly nature born gypsum plastering for buildings with value for money

Our Vision

Healthy Living in nature friendly buildings for peaceful longlife of humanity.

Our Guiding Principles

Excemplory Quality Control, Time bounded customer care and dedicated human resources team... Always offering cost effective construction solutions to humanity.

Saves Water

Whytal requires minimum water in comparison to cement plasteting.

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Time Saver

Whytal makes plastering work faster than normal cement plaster.

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Saves Money

Most cost effective plastering solution in the world. Saves 30%.

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Excellent Finish

Gypsum plastered walls or ceilings have more finished surface.

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Fire retardant

Gypsum plastered surfaces are fire retardant than cement plaster.

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About Whytal

Whytal is globally reputed pioneer of plastering grade gypsum in Asia Pacific region for over two decades. Building happiness for the end user is the key feature of the brand and each of the production units are time tested for premium quality at every stage. An extra ordinarily committed work force coupled with customer oriented dealer network makes the service befitting innate needs of customers.

Whytal is acclaimed as most innovative and economical solution in plastering of walls ,ceilings including exterior of both residential and commercial buildings. All products are tested and certified in accordance with international standards .

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Our Products

Whytal Gypsum Plaster

When a wall is constructed with brick or a block, they are all finished with a coat of plaster which is called internal plastering. Traditionally ...

Whytal Ready Mix Plaster

As we are passionate to bring you innovative products, Whytal Ready Mix plaster is Another gem on that series. As the name suggests it’s the eas...

Whytal Bond

Concrete surfaces always need best and high-quality care. Whytal Pvt Tech’s Whytal bond is the high strength low-cost solution for plastering on...

Whytal Ultra Plaster

Whytal Ultra Plaster is a magical combo of superior components. It is a mixture of high graded materials, that are genuine and tested. Graded Calc...

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Features & Advantages
of Whytal Plastering

Erase the Imperfections

Gypsum plastering will enable to overcome the imperfections perfectly than putty

Work With Easiness

It's just a ready-made way to plaster so you don't need to be concerned about the proportions and texture. Just mix and apply.

No More Cracks and Fungus

The nightmare is gone. Highly durable walls with no cracks and fungus.

Save Time, Save water

No more water or time will be wasted for the curing for the traditional cement plastering.

Hold The Moisture, Keep it Cool

Make your walls to hold the coolness with the best heat resistance capacity ever.

Spend Less, Save Up to 30%

Gypsum will replace all these old traditional cement, sand and putty theory hence spend less from your pocket.

Schedule a consultation with us today and Feel The Difference.

Lifetime Warranty

Whytal gives you a warranty that our product will perform as specified by the company for the lifetime of the building.

Future of Gypsum Plastering

We have spread our wings all over in Kerala by providing the best products and services.

Labour Expertise

We have the most talented and experienced labourers to provide you the best services.

Years of

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POINTS all over india

Dealers All
Over India

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Whytal Gypsum Plaster


A Step Ahead

Recently published global research report on Lightweight Gypsum Plaster outlines important variables that are influencing the growth of the worldwide Lightweight Gypsum Plaster Market, with untapped opportunities, current trends & future advancements.

Our Blogs

Whytal Tech Private Limited

Jul 05 | 2022

For a Perfect Plastering Material

The urge for environmentally friendly products is expanding in construction across the spectrum, and plastering materials are no exception.

Whytal Tech Private Limited

Nov 12 | 2022

Going Green with Eco-Friendly Whytal Gypsum Plaster

The urge for environmentally friendly products is expanding in construction across the spectrum, and plastering materials are no exception.

Whytal Tech Private Limited

Oct 18 | 2021

Whytal Gypsum Plaster For Beautiful Home Interior

Gypsum Plastering is a method of wall plastering and it has been practiced for thousands of years. It can be used on blocks...

Our Valuable Client’s Words

“This was my first time using this product and I was very happy with it. When I talked to them they told me that you can apply the paint directly on it and when I heard it I thought it was just their marketing strategy but that was not the case when I painted on plaster it was very good and neat.”

-Sumej Saleel

“Excellent service. Highly recommended quality”

-Sindu Kumar

“Three  year ago I used this in my house and even now there is no cracks at all and this is also refreshing to my mind also.”

-Sameeh M

“Good product and nice finish highly recommend for building construction”

-Rajesh M

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