Whytal Features

Saves Water

Whytal requires minimum water in comparison to cement plasteting.

Time Saver

Whytal makes plastering work faster than normal cement plastering. Zero setting time.

Excellent Finish

Gypsum plastered walls or ceilings have more finished surface than putty cemented surfaces.

Fire retardant

Gypsum Plastered surfaces are fire retardant than cement plastered surfaces.

Nature born Product

Most eco friendly and originated from nature's mines. No chemical or heat reactions for inhibitants.

Saves Money

Most cost effective plastering solution in the world. Saves 30% cost in comparison to cement plastering

Easy to apply

Its just a ready made way to plaster. So no need for concern about proportions and texture. Just mix with water and apply.

Cracks Free & Fungus Free

Gypsum plastered surfaces are resistant to fungus and cracks.

End to Rnd Execution

Whytal not only supply Gypsum but also execute the work at every sites by Whytal trained and certified labors thereby ensuring precision in quality and finishing.

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