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Jul 05 | 2022

For a Perfect Plastering Material

Is gypsum plastering material a substitute for cement and putty

Gypsum plastering material can be the best substitute and better option than cement and putty. Low quality materials, cements can lead to efflorescense and dampness. Rather than cement , gypsum is resistant to inconsistent weather and water hence , protects your wall from capillary rise , leakage and cracks etc , making Whytal gyp- sum the best wall solution ever!!

Economical benefits of gypsum plastering material

Gypsum plastering material can be used instead of cement and putty . Gypsum also doesn’t require any kind of curing procedures. They are durable , resistant and pro- tects walls from long term cracks and leaks. since it has a presence of crystalline water, it helps in cooling down the temperature inside the rooms . thus helps reduc- ing the financial expenditures spent for air cooling , maintenance and conditioning procedures.

Will gypsum plastering materials Cause environment problems or health issues Or is gypsum plastering material safe ?

Gypsum plastering material is fully made from organic substances under the surveil- lance of efficient professionals. They are not classified as dangerous according to EU CLP regulations. There are no long term adverse effects from ingestion of whytal plastering materials.

The material is free from radon and carbon gases. Therefore , it doesn’t add any adverse effects to health. Whytal gypsum has not used phosphogypsum as a raw material. Hence it is 100 % non toxic and eco friendly . FDA [ food and drug administration ] America has rec- ognized some gypsum a food grade . Hence , Whytal becomes the safest and best wall solution available in markets .

Gypsum plastering materials are free from radioactivity;

Gypsum is safe from radioactive content like Radium [ 226 Ra ] , Varium [ 238 u ] , Thorium [ 232h ] . Hence , they are radio inactive and does not cause any kinds of hazards.

Do whytal gypsum plastering has cooling effect?

Whytal gypsum is total resistant to heat and temperature. It has a presence of crystalline water inside . Hence , it wont trap heat and gradually causes cooling down temperature inside the rooms and home which helps in reducing the financial expenditures spent for air coolers and other conditioning apparatus.

Will gypsum catch fire?

Gypsum plastering materials are 100% fire proof. it has the capability to protect from fire and shocks.


Cements can cause many troubles if not carried out efficiently during its procedures such as mixing , applying etc . Any inappropriate proportion of soil and cement can cause thickness issues, deterioration ,thermal crack , routing , grinning , popping etc. They also demands re-plastering , putty , water proof coating etc.

Whytal gypsum plasters don’t have any such demands and are easily applicable in any surface.

Whytal plastering and painting;

Cements demand putty , replastering and water proof coatings before applying paint . people has to use many more layers or coats of paint inorder to feel finished . Whytal plastering at its first application itself seems putty finished and hence doesnt demand more coats of paints . As gypsum plastering is available only in white colour , it assures zero interruption with the paint colors and makes beautifully classy and royal finished.

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