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May 17 | 2019

Gypsum Plastering better than Cement?

Here we will first discuss what is gypsum plastering and then we will see why it is better than cement and at last, we will see why WHYTAL TECH PVT LTD is the best producer of gypsum material.

Some of you might know about this and some might not, so this part is for the people who have not heard about this material. This is an innovative product that is mainly used for construction purposes. It is a mineral found in layers of sedimentary stone everywhere in the world it is made out of calcium sulfate and water. This has become a product which many believe can replace cement.

Negatives of using cement?

  • When we use cement after concreting people use putty or plaster of Paris for making the wall smooth by avoiding the roughness of the wall. This is cost you money and time.
  • Some are allergic to cement so this might lead to health issues for people as well.
  • Cement is also not nature friendly.
  • After you concrete you need to water it for some days and this will lead to water wastage and not only that without this process there will crack in the parts where you use cement.
  • After some time, surfaces may start developing cracks.

Positives of using Gypsum

  • It can be recycled and reused which is not possible if you are using cement.
  • Gypsum dries faster so you can plaster using this material and paint on it on the same day. Through this, you can time and effort.
  • This material is less costly than cement, so you can complete your dream project under your budget.
  • Less usage of water so you can conserve water.
  • Gypsum plaster offers ease of application.
  • It very well may be reused and reused which is preposterous if you are utilizing concrete.

So here we have given you some information on why you should use gypsum and why you should not use cement. So now let’s look at Whytal Gypsum Plastering Solutions and let’s see why it is the best raw material provider of gypsum.

Whytal Gypsum Plaster is an exceptionally prepared type of calcium sulfate acquired from mines. It is washed, treated, calcined using explicit temperature so it is a world-class product and not only that they are recognized by CLL-IGBC for their echo friendly activities.

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