Whytal Ready Mix Plaster

As we are passionate to bring you innovative products, Whytal Ready Mix plaster is Another gem on that series. As the name suggests it’s the easiest and most modern technology to plaster the walls. As it consists of 53 Grade portland cement, Triple purified sand, High-quality polypropylene fiber mortar, plasticizer cum waterproof plaster additive is the best quality polymerized mix. It is producing directly from the factories with computerized machinery products. It has bonding properties so it won’t show any cracks on walls.


  • Reduces work load
  • Precise mixing and more finishing
  • High quality guaranteed by numerous quality tests + 90% cracking
  • Double bonding strength than normal plastering
Product Parameters Appearance Grayish Granular Powder
Thickness of Layer 6-12mm
Pot Life 30 minutes (can very on climatic conditions)
Water Demand 18% of mix (can very on climatic conditions)
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Whytal Ready Mix Plaster
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