Whytal Ultra Plaster

Whytal Ultra Plaster is a magical combo of superior components. It is a mixture of high graded materials, that are genuine and tested. Graded Calcium Silicate, Silica clinker based premium product with unique binders are the core components which makes Whytal Ultra Plaster idiosyncratic. Percentage of water, mixing, curing and other proceedings are same like traditional masonry work, which marks no space for any confusions.


  • Density - 1000 kg/m3.
  • Compressive strength: >7.5 mpa
  • Adhesion test (0.28 days) ENI348: >0.7 N/mm2
  • Water Absorption test (Karsten tube method) : >0.2 MI@24hrs
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Whytal Ultra Plaster
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